​​​​​Westeros Family Practice

Iryna Serembytsky, M.D.

Call Us:  (708) 442-7174

Our Services

  • Primary Care
  • Well Child Exams
  • Well Woman Examinations
  • Annual Physicals
  • Employment, sports, and school physicals
  • Adult and Pediatric Immunizations
  • Preventive Health Care
  • Pre-operative Clearance
  • Treatment of new and chronic conditions
  • Same day appointments for acute care

In addition to a regular office visits, our physician is able to offer a variety of in-office procedures including:

  • minor office surgery, including skin tag, mole, and wart removal
  • gynecological exams
  • electrocardiography

Prescription Refills and Renewal Guidelines

Your cooperation with this procedure allows us to provide you with quality clinical care and service. 
The providers of Westeros Family Practice thank you. 

At Your Visit

Please bring a list of your medications. Be sure to include medications from ALL doctors you see. Please have your prescriptions filled at your appointment.  In general your provider will give you enough medication until you are due for your next appointment. 


If you need refills, you do not need to call our office. Contact your pharmacy and they will refill it for you; be sure to give the pharmacy adequate time to fulfill your request.

In order to provide the highest clinical service to you, we will review your medical record to determine if a follow-up visit or medication adjustment is needed before refilling the prescription at the pharmacy of your choice.
Prescriptions will generally be faxed into the pharmacy within 72 hours of the receipt of your call. Please note that if there are questions, this could cause a delay. 

Please be aware that if you have a limited prescription, you will need to request an appointment. A limited prescription is a prescription that was written for one month with no refills until another appointment is made.